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NYC Jewelry Week "Here We Are," billboard in Times Square, NYC. MUA: Keanda "Keys" Rebelle, Photographer: Stefen Pompee, circa 2019.

“In November 2019, I was featured on the NYC Jewelry Week 'Here We Are' exhibition billboard in Times Square wearing my oval Garland hoops, Ascension Halo and Slant rings, and Capricorn and Cancer Glyph cuffs. This was a major moment for me—it was surreal to see my face and work on such a massive stage.”

screen star

"I created exclusive jewelry for the 2019 fashion film, 'As Above,' directed by Sewra G. Kidane and styled by Chandra Moore. The film is loosely based on the principle of correspondence, one of the seven universal laws for self-mastery. 'As Above' tells the story of the 'Earth Plane' returning home, only to find herself intuitively drawn to a presence she can’t ignore. Alone, the 'Earth Plane' follows her instincts through a twisty, windy hallway searching for the answer to this alluring call."


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AsAbove_TheHigherSelf_Lyfe Silva_Lorrain
AsAbove_TheLightSelf_Nazlah Black_Lorrai
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"Michelline Chassagne is one of our top brand ambassadors. She ushers in high energy, beauty, and style. We wanted an everyday superstar to wear the Abstract Palette earrings to show that all women can wear this style. The Abstract Palette earrings are a standout design that would later be worn by Beyoncé in 2020’s epic release, 'Black Is King,' styled by Zerina Akers.” 

Michelline Chassange wears the Abstract Palette earrings. Photographer: Troy Mattison, 2020; Makeup Artist: Gregg Hubbard; Hair: Leslie Wisdom.

recent press

In 2020, LWJ continued to make its mark, securing standout media moments that pushed the culture forward. From a head-turning debut in Beyoncé’s "Black Is King" to Zendaya Coleman donning the brand’s Abstract Palette earrings and Virgo Glyph cuff for Instyle magazine, the future looks brighter than ever. 

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