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Sasha Sydnor wearing Capricorn & Cancer Glyph cuffs, Slant Wrap ring and Crescent hoops. Still Image by Wesley Volcy for the fashion film, "360 Degrees West."

While jewelry has always been a way to adorn the body, it also has significant meaning, providing its wearer with a physical symbol to represent ideas, values, and rituals. From her Elevated Eye ring to her Astros collection, signs and symbols have endowed LWJ designs with greater depth and meaning.  

"The '360 Degrees West' fashion film is a nod to the LWJ Astro Collection launching in 2021. We assembled a brilliant team for this project, including director/producer Sewra G. Kidane and model Sasha Sydnor. Chandra Moore handled wardrobe, Rebecca Casciano created the makeup looks, and Vanessa Heshima Sims was our hairstylist. Suede Jenkins produced the amazing soundtrack."

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