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Kat Flower wearing Seamless Illusion hoops. Photographer: Troy Mattison, circa 2020; Makeup: Keanda "Keys" Rebelle. 

“Florist and former studio mate, Kat Flower Inspired the Seamless Illusion hoops which have been the absolute best seller for Lorraine West Jewelry since 2014.  Kat had issues with seamless tube hoops stretching her earlobes. She wanted a design that had the look of a seamless hoop while being lightweight, and staying in place. I started playing around with 14 gauge wire; it was the first time that I actually made a hoop earring. The design stuck and has been a part of the collection ever since.”

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Left: Ashaka Givens wears Double Crescent bib necklace in brass. Design conception, circa 2013. Photographer: Troy Mattison; Makeup: Gregg Hubbard. Right: Double Crescent bib necklace in brass; Photographer: Alain Simic, 2020.


“Ashaka Givens is a fashion designer/milliner and one of my dearest sister-friends.  We’ve collaborated on iconic styling moments for legendary music videos and editorials over the last two decades. I’ve created dozens of custom pieces for her that are elegant and bold. She’s a Cancer astrological sign, ruled by the moon. Ashaka requested a necklace design inspired by my double crescent earrings. I scaled the design up in size and soldered the overlapping crescents then attached a vintage snake chain and clasp.” 

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LWJ Fine Jewelry long Bar earrings in 14k gold with diamonds. Photographer: Alain Simic, 2020. 

Right: Rebecca Casciano wearing long Bar earrings in brass. Photographer: Amanda Lopez.


“Rebecca is another one of my dear sister-friends; we met at FIT in 1994. She’s a makeup artist/green beauty expert and has done my makeup for several important projects over the years. She is one of the inspirations behind the Bar earrings. They are simple, yet impactful. We’ve reimagined them now in 14k gold and diamonds to add another layer of elevation.”

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