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Top: Shantrelle and Tony; Custom rings for Shantrelle and Tony in 14k yellow gold and 18k rose gold with emerald-cut morganite. Bottom: Abu and Free; Custom rings for Abu and Free in 14k white gold and 18k white gold with 2.5 carat diamonds.


“Shantrelle and Tony’s emerald-cut morganite engagement ring and Lotus Crown ring were really special to create. Tony wanted a vintage-inspired style for his bride-to-be, so we chose an emerald-cut stone that represents love and balance. Tony has a regal aura, so the crown was a perfect fit for him. I also created rings for Tony's best friend Abu, and his bride, Free. We paid homage to her Ethiopian heritage and his Sierra Leonean roots by incorporating African symbols with varied meanings that spoke to the couples unshakable love.”

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Left: Sheridan ring, as seen in Town & Country magazine. Right: Nzingha & Mouhssine's engagement and wedding rings as seen in Essence magazine, 2020.


“These standout designs garnered praise from Town & Country and Essence magazines. For the oval Halo ring, the client wanted a blue stone reminiscent of the ocean in Jamaica, which is how we landed on this blue zircon stone. The diamond starburst design of the wedding band represents light and illumination. Town & Country featured our boulder opal ring with sapphire double halo and green tsavorites. This was definitely close to a couture-level piece in terms of craftsmanship.”

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