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The bonding of soulmates carries a beautiful story of timeless commitment and partnership. LWJ’s time-honored, custom creations symbolize the everlasting bond between two partners and a celebration of one’s love of self. 

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“Jyll is the owner of Urban Asanas Yoga Studio; in her classes she engages students in a practice called ‘Heart Forward, Ass Back.' During classes she affirms, 'open your heart.' The idea of finding the love from within is so powerful, which is why she was the perfect person to wear the XL Heart ring. She is also pictured wearing the Nipple Hoop earrings, which are part of our Nurture collection.”

Jyll Hubbard wears XL Heart ring, Open Heart ring, Horizontal Open Heart ring and Nipple Hoop earrings. Photographer: Troy Mattison; Makeup: Gregg Hubbard.


“This 18k rose gold oval aquamarine Chandra ring features a double row of halo white diamonds. This was a turning point for Lorraine West Custom Fine Jewelry. I created some fabulous bespoke rings previously, but this one was a mix of classic and contemporary design. It became an extremely popular style for custom client requests.”

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Chandra wears the Chandra ring. Photographer: Troy Mattison, 2020; Makeup: Gregg Hubbard; Hair: Leslie Wisdom. Product Image: Lorraine West, circa 2014.

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