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Shield earrings in silver/onyx. Photographer: Jenny Rocks, circa 2006.


Lorraine’s first cowrie shell pieces and preliminary leatherwork led to further exploration in the realm of metalwork and beyond. Bold, armor-like pieces paved the way for a new chapter for LWJ with a new crop of badass statement pieces.

Copy of Lorraine-West-Jewelry6108.jpg


“The Shield earrings are tied to my collection about armor. The inspiration behind the design was all about protection—guarding one's beauty and strength and repelling negativity outside of self.

They are bold and powerful. The black leather Slit cuffs are a mix between arm cuffs and gloves. The back of the cuffs lace up like a corset. They’re powerful and sensual.”

Mimi Perez wearing Shield earrings in silver/onyx and Black Slit leather cuffs. 
Photographer: Stefen Pompee, 2020; Stylist: Oliva Jakubik; Makeup: Tanya Marques, Hair: Seto McCoy.

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