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Erykah Badu wearing ivory wrap cuffs with engraved feathers. Photo: Sal Idriss/Redferns, Getty Images, circa 2000.


”I created a one of a kind pair of leather wrap fish cuffs for Badu. I found a piece of a textured leather that reminded me of large fish scales. Erykah is a Pisces and it inspired me to make a pattern that looked like a giant fish when the cuff was open and laid flat. With a burning tool I engraved a marine life scene to accompany the existing pattern on the leather. When worn she would wrap the cuff around until the snaps met to close. For a special signature touch, I engraved 'Badu' at the end of the fish tail. She loved those cuffs so much that she wore them during her 'Mama’s Gun' tour, in press images and to the Grammy’s that year. Since then, she’s collected many LWJ collection pieces and we’ve collaborated on many iconic jewelry moments in Badu history.”

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