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Kim Parris wears Abyss Scale bib necklace, circa 2007. Photographer: Tracy Tolar Studio; Stylist: Ashaka Givens (model wearing Ashaka Givens design), Makeup: Rebecca Casciano. 

best seller

“The Abyss Scale bib necklace is a hugely important piece for LWJ as it was a popular item that graced the window display and sold out at Anthropologie in Rockefeller Center.”

Left: Erykah Badu wearing Abyss cuffs in copper. Image courtesy of Erykah Badu, circa 2004. Right: Abyss cuff. Photographer: Alain Simic, 2020.

copper cuffs

“Badu was compelled to wear copper jewelry during her 'Worldwide Underground' album world tour. She commissioned a suite of copper cuffs, pendants, and bangles. The Abyss cuffs can open and fold so they are easy to travel with and are very impactful. They have that ‘Wonder Woman’ vibe and we already know that Erykah is super powerful.”


crescent hoops

“The Crescent hoops were inspired by my client Najah Josie, who loved our seamless hoops, and asked if I could create a half moon version. I created one seamless hoop and then cut it in half to form a crescent pair. This illustration by artist Erin Robinson of Brooklyn Dolly, features this design. It reminds me of Najah's bold and colorful style.”

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