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“The Fawohodie cuff is inspired by the West African Adinkra symbol for freedom and emancipation. The Chevron cuff is made from the belly of the Fawohodie design and the XL Triangle ring is composed of leftover material from the belly of the Chevron cuff. One sheet of metal is used to achieve all three of these pieces—it’s a design within a design within a design. There is also a sustainable element to these pieces as they’re really about using as much of the material as possible.”

Tokunbo Anifalaje wears Lorraine West Fawohodie necklace. Photographer: Troy Mattison, circa 2020.


“I was inspired to make the Fawohodie pendant after I created the Fawohodie cuff bracelet.  I handcrafted the first sample necklace for LWJ's Chief Operating Officer, Tokunbo Anifalaje, aka Tk. She fell in love with the design and it’s become her signature piece.”


Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 1.05.25 AM.png
Copy of West_ChevronCuff_1717.jpg

Renae Bluitt wears Lorraine West Chevron cuff and Seamless Illusion hoops and Sewit Sium Amarna w/lapis ring. Photograph courtesy of Renae Bluitt.

“Renae Bluitt is a fabulous filmmaker, branding expert and digital content creator who amplifies Black women-owned businesses. She's always in front of the camera and fell in love with the Chevron cuffs. When it comes to her personal style, Renae is very minimal but adores a good statement piece. The Chevron cuff is that go-to item for her.” 


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