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Photographer: Stefen Pompee; Styling: Olivia Jakubik; Makeup: Tanya Marques; Hair: Seto McCoy; Models: Emily Voutes, Mimi Perez and Phiona S. 

“We produced an editorial shoot exclusively for the LWJ retrospective which reimagines many of my twenty-year-old leather pieces on burgeoning models from today.  It was inspired by the things that I was drawn to when I was young including 80's fashion, music, and nightlife.”

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“This was my first time shooting these pieces exclusively in a full editorial. I went from selling these leather pieces in the streets of New York's Soho in 1999, to landing them in the legendary Patricia Fields boutique within the same year. It was the beginning of retailing my work in stores. It’s a delight to see these pieces reimagined on burgeoning young models in 2020." 

Emily Voutes wears black and green leather Deconstruct cuffs and Wrap cuffs (also worn as hair accessories), Seamless Illusion hoops and Crescent hoops in brass.

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Phiona wears Red Leather Slant earrings, Suede choker w/eyelets, red leather and blue beaded cuff and red leather Deconstruct cuff.


“My early experience in creating leatherwork with André 3000 and Erykah Badu evolved into a heightened level of patternmaking that involved precise planning of design layout then meticulously cutting the leather into different shapes.” 

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razor sharp

"Here, model Mimi Perez channels a younger version of myself in the green leather Slant earrings. I offered these in 3-inch and

6-inch lengths, one for day and one for night. The unique geometric shape would inform the Slant rings and cuffs that I would eventually 

offer in 2020."

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burning Flame

"Channeling Cindy Crawford, model Emily is pictured wearing our Red leather Flame earrings and Slit cuff. The Flame earrings are a wearable reminder to chase your dreams and keep your passions lit."

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