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Elevated Eye ring with honey citron gemstone by Hashnu Gems and 18k gold setting by Lorraine West, circa 2019.

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Djali Cepeda Brown wears Yemayá Orisha manillas/bangles; Photograph Courtesy of Djali Cepeda Brown.  Product Image by Lorraine West.


“Djali Cepeda Brown is a film producer and founder of 'Neuvayorkinos,' who, like her mother Raquel Cepeda Jenkins, is a Yoruba priestess. I had the honor of being chosen to handcraft Djali’s Kariocha bangles, which serve as a sacred emblem to represent connection to the Orishas. There are 22 altogether, consisting of solid sterling silver, brass, nickel, and copper."

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Mariana "LadyBug Mecca" Vieira wearing Ossãe collar in sterling silver/14k gold. Photographer: Troy Mattison; Braids: Miss Rosie; Hair Grooming: Leslie Wisdom; Makeup: Gregg Hubbard. 

Ossãe collar

“There is prominent symbolism of birds in various religions such as Candomblé. Ossãe is the keeper of medicinal herbs in the forest for the Orixás. Artist/musician Mariana 'LadyBug Mecca' Vieira commissioned this unique piece which features a bird perched on a tree. Mariana often wears chokers and collars, so this design became one of the signature pieces for her stage performances. It was handcrafted using eight-gauge soft sterling silver wire and 14k gold sheet cut into the symbol then soldered onto the collar.” 

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Raquel Cepeda Jenkins wears honey citron and 18k gold Elevated Eye ring, circa 2019.


“The legendary producer, director and hip-hop curator Sacha Jenkins commissioned me to design a custom fine ring for his wife Raquel Cepeda Jenkins. He surprised her with it on Valentine’s Day to celebrate their ten-year wedding anniversary. The honey citron was custom cut from raw material by Hashnu Gems. It took nine months for me to perfect the design because of the complex cut and weight of the stone. The eye represents protection and its elevated setting is an homage to Raquel’s timeless style and regal nature.” 

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